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Beverly Goldsmith is,
A professional Christian Science practitioner with more than 40 years experience in helping people find happiness, health and healing.  Read more about Beverly's practice.  Read review of Beverly's practice.

An authorized teacher of an annual two-week course on Christian Science healing and at the yearly Association Day of Learning for graduates since 1991.
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Writer of 121 blogs on the connection between spirituality and health at spiritualityandhealthconnect, Motherpedia, and in Around Point Cook and Around Altona community newspapers.  Hear 10 of Beverly's 5 minute blogs free on Soundcloud.

A contributing editor from 2001 -2010, and writer of more than 140 inspirational articles for The Christian Science Journal, Christian Science Sentinel, Christian Science Monitor newspaper and

A former speaker for the Christian Science Board of Lectureship about Science and Health and Mary Baker Eddy, at conferences on suicide and the International Federation on Ageing global conference, 'Maturity Matters', on radio/TV programs, and at bookstores in Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines, as well as on live Internet chats. Read more.

Beverly’s path to practicing  and teaching Christian Science healing,  began as a young teenager when she saw her mother and grandmother healed of chronic ailments by reading Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. Beverly also read the book and was quickly healed of migraine headaches and multiple warts on her fingers. She has relied exclusively on this system of healing ever since. She says, "The ideas in Science and Health have shown me how to be well and stay well, given me peace of mind, and helped me lead an active, useful life. It can do the same for everyone.  I think of Science and Health as a reference book for spiritual self-care and healing.” 

Prior to becoming a Christian Science practitioner and teacher, Beverly had a successful singing career and with her brother as the vocal instrumental duo "The Temple Two" , sang for US troops in the Vietnam War as members of the "Sugar & Spice" show . Read how Beverly prayed her way through 133 shows in 120 days.  After Vietnam Beverly married and taught music and drama in high schools. Read more about creativity in  life.  
Beverly left the music field to devote her life to helping others find spiritual solutions through her healing work and teaching an annual class on Mary Baker Eddy's system of spiritual healing.
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