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- Finances: Weathering Financial drought? – Spiritual resources can help
- Health, healing: Prayer Power  
                               Self-care – A spiritual approach
- Worry:  How to be worry-free
- Bushfires:  After a fire… how can we move on?
                      Prayer for Restoration in Australia
- Travelling: Preparing to travel? Don't forget to pack prayer! 
- Safety: Are you concerned about safety? A spiritual approach can help
- Disasters: Exchanging horror for hope 
                      Comfort when facing loss and grief
                      Recovery and restoration

Read these transcripts of Q&A chats given by Beverly Goldsmith,
practitioner and teacher of Christian Science healing, on

On Feb 12, 2009 following the Victorian bushfires, Beverly Goldsmith, C.S.B. spoke with those who'd joined her to ask questions and share thoughts for healing, peace, and restoration. Beverly said, “Every prayer, every single healing thought that's motivated by your deep love for God and man has the power to bring comfort right now - even to people you don’t know. Each prayer is like a pebble dropped into a pond. It doesn’t just sink out of sight and have no effect. Even a tiny pebble sends out ripples. In the same way, each prayer sends out ripples of comfort and healing.”  Read Q&A transcript.   
Prayer for Restoration in Australia
Q:1. Divine Love’s comforting embrace/ healing power?  2. Media generated fear?

3. Being healed of terrible images/lasting peace? 4. Bible passages for comfort/restoration?
5. Praying for people?   6. God consoling, assuring, sustaining, encouraging, strengthening?
7. People responsible for starting fires?   8. Comforting those who've lost loved ones?
9. God will stop torture? 10. Resilience, buoyancy of those affected by bush-fire?
11. Prayer for animals and wildlife?  12. Praying for soaking rain to put the bushfires out?
13. Arson?  14. Arsonists/forgiveness?  15. Destruction?  16. Sympathy/compassion?
17. Policy to defend homes? 18. Fear droughts and fires are linked to global warming?
19. Injustice…God isn't all powerful, fair or good?   20. Pray disasters never happen again?
21. Move on without tragic images of death, destruction?  22. Looting?   
23. Science & Health p 293?  24. Children think God's allowed this devastation to happen?
25. People overpowered by confusion?  26. Climate change/Noah's ark safety for everyone?
27. Global warming/arson?  28. Over-watching news/be informed what's needed in prayers?
29. God is there first, wisdom will direct actions during fire? 30. Refreshing sagging morale?

Weathering Financial drought? – Spiritual resources can help

Q:1. Stress of financial problems?     2. Spiritual attitude helps when farm is in drought?

3. Looking for a job, depression?  4. Aren't weather, financial security, life, just chance?
5. Drought/ fire are these sent to test us?              6. I'm unemployed, low on funds?
7. Provide for my family now and into the future?  8. Find spiritual truth?
9. Can one person help...with drought and a lack of financial resources?
10. Bank says farm is no longer viable?  11. Pray...nothing seems to be happening?

Prayer Power

"Prayer brings your thought into line with the spiritual facts of your health and well-being. It
 brings you into harmony with
God’s power and love – and that has a healing impact on every
 aspect of your life."  Beverly Goldsmith

Q:1. Prayer...directed toward physical healing...How does this work?

2. ...prayer...successfully address...mental, circumstantial, or health troubles... ?
3. What have you learned in your spiritual healing workshops.?
4. Mary Baker Eddy in Science and Health describes Christian Science as a system?
5. Learn how to heal themselves or others, what would you recommend?
6. If people can learn to pray for themselves, what’s your role as a professional practitioner?
7. What do you do when your patient doesn’t get better or...?
8. Any other special insight about how to be a more effective healer?

Self-care – A spiritual approach

Q:1. Do I have to eat certain foods to keep well?   2. Introduce grandchild to self-care?

3. Take care of health?   4. Accidents?   5. How can you tell...spiritual ideas?
6. Feeling tired?  7. Saying, ‘I’m not afraid’ when afraid?  8. Catch flu over phone?
9. Don’t feel well?  10. Eyesight? 11. Feel alone, depressed? 12. Complacency/ not healed?

How to be worry-free

Q:1. Young children, can't watch them all the time. How do I not worry?

2. Worry about world events?    3. Are worry/stress good motivational tools?
4. Be enthusiastic and fearless all the time and worry none of the time?
5. Have you ever worried about anything again since financial crisis?
6. Surrounded by negative people?  7. No job, no prospects, how can I not worry?
8. Fear in the community about dogs and children?
9. Not let fear get the best of you?  10. Haven't overcome a physical problem?
11. In trouble, how do we not worry and find the right answers?
12. People around you worry so much it's affected you?  13. Worry about past events?

After a fire… how can we move on? 

Q:1. Specifically praying for bush fires?   2. How do you move on?

3. Try to move on from problems, can’t?
4. God helps with disaster recovery…wouldn’t it be better if didn’t happen?
5. Moving on from disaster are there lessons we learn?
6. I’m not sure about addressing God -- how can I redirect my thinking?
7. What we think mentally governs our experience?

Are you concerned about safety? A spiritual approach can help

Q:1. Safe when there is so much violence in the world?

2. Traveling, worried about getting sick?  3. Feeling unsafe in small aircraft/ boat?
4. Thinking you’re safe, keeps you safe?  5. Prayer comforts, fear comes back?
6. Dogs attacking people in streets and parks?   7. Is Fear good?
8. Fear of earthquake, volcanic eruption?  9. Pray for peace and safety in the world?
10. Fearful of terrorist attacks?   11. Keep family safe, don't know what's happening?
12. Safety is natural to us?         13. Don’t feel confident about praying and proving it?
14. Keep safe on the road?        15. Keep my children safe, find peace of mind?
16. Talk about sickness...get a better view of body?

Preparing to travel? Don't forget to pack prayer!

Q:1. List of Christian Science practitioners helpful when traveling?  2. Feel ill while traveling? 
3. Never flown in an airplane before?      4. Can age prevent you from enjoying a flight?
5. Maintain spiritual perspective when traveling? 6. Travel often, last several visits, got sick?
7. Pray for safety of others who are traveling?   8. Thunderstorms occur frequently?
9. Encountering individuals who pose a health risk to fellow travelers?
10. Terrorist attacks, I’ve tried praying, feel unsettled? 11. Pet never traveled from home?
12. Explain to family, that you'll be okay? 13. Driving hear news traffic accidents, feel afraid?
14. Communicating and traveling in a foreign country?
15. Husband travels for a living, two distinct lives home and work?
16. Poisonous bites from spiders, snakes or mosquitoes when traveling?
17. Pray about fear of getting sick while traveling? 18. Resentful not able to travel?

View Traveler's Spiritual Tool Kit - given in Live Chat. 

Exchanging horror for hope

Q: How do we overcome the horror of tragedy?
  1. What is the most important aspect to be praying about?
  2. Can…God's love reach around the world and have a positive… impact?
  3. How can prayer given by others thousands of miles away help?
     How do we help survivors, aid agencies, recovery workers?
 4. When I hear about the death toll... What do you do?
 5. How do you respond when people say this is an "act of God"?
    What can bring the world hope, comfort and healing?
 6. How can we pray for those who have perished?
 7. Beverly, where have you been turning for inspiration?

Comfort when facing loss and grief

Q: How do you overcome the grief of losing loved ones?
 1. What’s the most effective and compassionate way to help with loss?
 2. Isn’t God everyone's loving Father, always present, always in control?
 3. How can we get any comfort in the midst of grief?
 4. Why did some live and others die? Why did this happen if God is good?
 5. Our prayers are bringing comfort right now?
    How do you deal with the loss of home?
 6. How can we help those who’ve lost everything dear to them?
 7. Sometimes…people…realize…are the really important things in life? 
 8. Psalm 46 reminds me…God's goodness is constant…?
 9. The weather has been extreme all over the world. Is this a sign of God?
    How do you deal with the loss of livelihood?
10. …supporting thousands… What good will my little prayer or effort do?
11. I’ve been praying that God will give…a reason to carry on?
12. …great compassion is being expressed… wider…brotherhood and caring?
13. …cherish these people in our prayers…after the media attention has faded?
    14. How do orphaned children find shelter, safety and love?

Recovery and restoration

Q:  How do you recover after tragedy?
1. Does "recovery" mean more than just material things?
2. …this tragedy is so huge. Can you share how you pray?
3. How do you hold these spiritual thoughts in your daily life?
4. … are prayers…supportive, productive and protective?
5. How do I help my children pray about this tragedy?
     How do you rebuild?
6. ... How do we even begin to rebuild?
7. How do we pray so different factions will work together to rebuild?
8. … a number of Western nations have offered to freeze debts?
9. I hear there’s corruption with donations. How can we pray about this?
10. What about “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors” …?
     How can people stay safe as they undertake restoration work?
11. …outbreak of disease hasn’t occurred. Is this…love going out to help and heal?
     How do you …restore shattered lives and communities?
12. How can we best maintain our support over the coming months?

Find happiness, health and healing.
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